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Hong Kong: The FinTech Hub of Asia

Cyberport: The FinTech Powerhouse
Amid the wave of FinTech innovation, Cyberport is the key force spearheading and shaping Hong Kong's FinTech development. Backed by the HKSAR Government, Cyberport is the digital technology flagship in town committed to inspiring innovation, nurturing entrepreneurs, and attracting global talent, partners and companies to Hong Kong for collaborations and business opportunities. After over a decade of dedicated effort, Cyberport has developed into a mature and vibrant digital technology ecosystem, now home to more than 900 technology enterprises, including MNCs such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and IBM.
We also house over 200 FinTech companies that are engaged in such diverse areas as blockchain, cybersecurity, AI, big data, wealth management and transaction engineering. It is the largest FinTech community in the territory. The critical mass gathered testifies to Cyberport's leadership and makes it the industry's focal point - investors come to look for high flyers, banks and financial institutions to seek collaboration and adoption, business and the public to learn about innovative solutions, and overseas governments to launch bilateral partnerships.
To further enhance the city's FinTech ecosystem and drive deal flow, Cyberport offers full-range entrepreneurial support and value-added services for both local and overseas FinTech companies to springboard them to success. In addition to providing over 40,000 sq. ft. of co-working space tailored for FinTech companies, Cyberport actively engages worldwide regulators, industry leaders, financial institutions, accelerators and academia to enhance the entrepreneurial environment for FInTech. together with the many FinTech events held, Cyberport is the epicentre of Hong Kong's FinTech happenings, and the FinTech hub of Asia.

Cyberport: Hong Kong's Leading FinTech Community

Hong Kong: The FinTech Hub of Asia

Cyberport Empowers FinTech Start-ups 
Cyberport empowers FinTech start-ups to expand to global markets
Cyberport Builds the Global FinTech Network
Build Global FinTech Ecosystem

Cyberport FinTech Ecosystem

Build Global FinTech Ecosystem

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Event Highlights 

Hong Kong’s largest FinTech Delegation to London

Asian Financial Forum – FinTech Session

Internet Economy Summit 2017 - Global FinTech Innovation Forum

Citi HK FinTech Challenge Demo Day

Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund: JUMPSTARTER

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 - Best FinTech Award Presentation Ceremony

Hang Seng Bank FinTech Hackathon

Quarterly conference with Hong Kong Monetary Authority - Artificial Intelligence for Financial Service Conference

Blockchain Strategies for Business Conference

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