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Esports in Hong Kong is an emerging new sector with rapid development in recent years, with high economic potential. Cyberport has been endeavouring to establish a digital ecosystem for Hong Kong by inspiring the youth, nurturing start-ups, and empowering entrepreneurs for global connection, and is prepared to join hands with the industry players to foster the development of the esports sector. More importantly, Cyberport believes that a well-developed esports sector will possibly bring great economic and social benefits to the digital ecosystem as a whole and therefore is prepared to foster the growth of the esports industry in its infancy.

Esports Industry Facilitation Scheme

The Esports Industry Facilitation Scheme aims to facilitate the esports industry practitioners to join hands in flourishing the emerging esports industry by offering financial support on organising a great variety of industry activities, including esports competitions and events, training activities and educational programmes, as well as outbound business exchanges and development activities. Cyberport will provide financial assistance and also in-kind support to the following three major areas of industry activities:

  • Competition and Events
  • Talent Cultivation and Training
  • Exchange and Development outside Hong Kong

Esports Internship Scheme

This Esports Internship Scheme (EIS) aims to provide work experience for current students, or new graduates or eligible young persons with relevant academic qualifications, hands-on experience, or keen interest to work in the esports industry. EIS shall provide cash subsidy on payroll from a minimum of eight weeks up to twelve months to participating industry employers as an incentive to provide various internship placements to interns.

Admitted applicants will be allocated up to HK$7,500 per month per intern for a minimum term of 8 weeks and up to a maximum term of 12 months, or 50% of the intern’s basic monthly salary plus employer’s MPF contribution, whichever is lower.

Result Announcement of Batch 2

Schedule of Batch 4

Application Period

November – 19 February 2021

Vetting Session

Early March 2021

Result Announcement

Late March / Early April 2021


Hotline: (852) 3166 3839

Email: e-sports@cyberport.hk

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