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Tech 活动

Robo Alliance Basketball Competition (Hong Kong) 2014(只提供英文版本)
日期: 20-01-2014
时间: 10:00 - 18:00
地点: 数码港全天候广场

The competition is organized by the University of Hong Kong, Robo Alliance (Asia) Association (Hong Kong) and Bell Education Group (China). Around a hundred of students from Hong Kong and different cities of China will participate in this competition.

CyberLink Vol.136 Jan 2020

Cyberport spotlights digital trade finance and virtual banking at AFF 2020

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CyberLink Vol.135 Dec 2019

Cyberport awarded for corporate governance and board diversity by Hong Kong Institute of Directors

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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum unveiled the New Frontier of Tech Venturing

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